Works resulting from a four week residency at the Bær Arts Center in the North of Iceland over the summer of 2012 and shown at Vessel Gallery, Oakland in 2014 as part of the solo exhibition "Pareidolia".

 The Book of Drangey.

This piece is based on a hand carved ivory compass and astrolabe abandoned on the shores of Iceland by a 17th century Mediterranean navigator and now on display at the Museum of Iceland. The “Book of Drangey” is made entirely from materials at hand onsite where the video was made - even the iPhone was with me!

The video is a 24-hour timelapse taken of the island of Drangey across the fjord of Skagafjörður. The sound is created on an Aoelian banjo made from driftwood, fishing line and farm hardware. The metal plate maps the line of the sun’s path across the sky at the time of the work, with the small nails locating the hours of the day.

The Book of Kerling

Kerling (the crone) is a tall pillar of rock close to the island of Drangey in Skagafjörður. The legend has it that Kerling and her husband Karl were two trolls who were leading their cow across the fjord when they were caught by the rising sun and frozen into stone.  The video is a 24-hour timelapse using a distant telephoto. Each frame of the video has been processed using the same digital technique that was used to make the surrounding print.