aWay station


"aWay station is an installation at the Headlands Center for the Arts in West Marin, Northern California. It entails several discrete elements arranged in the Project Space of the Main building for the month of August 2011. These elements will be changing and accumulating during the month as I interact with the space and with the immediate physical, historical and cultural context of the Headlands.

The studio will be constructed as a site for inquiry and exploration. The processes and actions carried out in aWay station will be displayed as a set of evolving tableau displayed in the space. The intention is to blur the walls of the space by mapping the external experience of the Headlands directly onto the space. The traditions of a scientific field station and encampment will be hybridized with those of the artist’s studio and the library or museum. An audience will be invited into the space to take part through conversation, interaction and creation.”

July 2011.